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Broadband in North Tipperary

The following pages outline the different ways of getting broadband in North Tipperary, the Service Providers who may be able to offer a service, a map of the broadband coverage, and the schemes that are in place to try and improve broadband throughout the county.  Members of the public are invited to submit their experiences about whether or not they could get coverage in their area.

Ways of getting broadband

In summary, the current ways of getting broadband are:

Via your Phone Line (ADSL Broadband)

Wireless Broadband

3G Mobile Broadband

Broadband Coverage Checkers

TV cable

Satellite Broadband

Schemes to improve broadband

The current programmes are in place to try and improve broadband throughout the county:

Indicative Map of Broadband Coverage in North Tipperary

The coverage map on the link below shows the areas covered by Wireless, Phone Line (ADSL), and Cable TV Service Providers. 3G Mobile and Satellite Operators are not shown on the map, but they claim to offer a service through out most of North Tipperary.

View a map of Broadband Coverage and Service Providers in North Tipperary

People should contact the relevant Service Providers to see if they can get a service from them.  (Service Providers are invited to supply the most up to date maps of the  their coverage).  

If you wish to provide feedback on the coverage in your area or provide a detailed coverage map please send an email to

Ways of Getting Broadband

Broadband using your Phone Line (ADSL Broadband)

If you are within approx 3km of the Eircom telephone exchange, and the Exchange has been modernised to accommodate broadband, you may be able to get broadband called ADSL broadband on your phone line from Eircom, Digiweb or BT.  Whether you can get it or not, will depend on the quality of the line, the route of the line from the Exchange to your house, the distance from your house to the Eircom Exchange and the Exchange itself.

If you check your number on the Eircom web site or the BT website, it will tell you if you can get broadband from Eircom or BT.    The web sites are:

Eircom web site

BT web site

DigiWeb web site

Eircom have a web site that provides information on the telephone exchange in your area. It will show you if the telephone exchange is enabled for broadband and the future plans for the exchange. You can also check if your phone line is suitable for broaband on this site.

It is recommended that people who are interested in broadband should visit the  web sites and register their interest, by providing  their phone number and contact details. This will ensure that their area remains a high priority for Eircom. 

If you cannot get a phone line broadband service or if you prefer to get a non-phone line broadband service, the options are Wireless, 3G Mobile, Cable TV, and Satellite Service Providers

Wireless Broadband

The following Service providers indicate that they offer a Wireless broadband service in the North Tipp area.   They will probably need to do a site visit to confirm.

Arra 1890 945 917
Digiweb 1800 930 366
Irish Broadband 1890 564456
Premier Broadband www.premierbroadband.net052 84626
Echo IT 067 56888
Wirelessconnect 01 6205585
Orion Broadband 086 8069597
Munster Broadband 076 615 6666
Ripple Communications 1890 747753

The following  Service  Provider has made enquiries about providing a service in North Tipperary

ICE Broadband 0818 220 285

3G Mobile Broadband

The following Service Provides indicate they can provide a 3G Mobile broadband Service

Vodafone 1800225588 Coverage Map

O2          1850601740 Coverage Map

3Ireland     1800944034 Coverage Map


Broadband Coverage Checkers

Eircom Broadband Coverage Checker

O2 Broadband Coverage Checker

Vodafone Broadband Coverage Checker

3 Broadband Coverage Checker


Cable TV Broadband

UPC  (Chorus and NTL) offer a broadband service  in Thurles  using their TV cable network. Their web site is

Satellite Broadband

The following suppliers  indicate that they can provide Satellite broadband

Satellite  (* subject to survey)





Digiweb Satellite

042 939 3300

Applied Solutions

1890 924 854



Pure Telecom Satellite


e3 Broadband

1850 303333


0044 1262 409109


+44 (0) 800 073 1102

Eircom Satellite


Fastnet Broadband Satellite

(01) 2303746

Cross Country Broadband Ltd.

01 4693476

Media Satellite Ireland Ltd.;




Tariam Satellite Communications

0044-08-44 874-0600

More information is available at

Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs)

As part of Phase II of the Government’s Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) programme, MANs were built in the towns of Nenagh, Roscrea and Templemore. These MANs are State owned open access telecommunications networks and will be offered to telecommunication service providers, on a wholesale basis, to enable them to provide high-speed broadband services to their customers without them having to build their own networks.

In North Tipperary, our MANs were built via a consortium called Shannon Broadband Limited which comprises North Tipperary County Council, Shannon Development, Limerick Corporation, Limerick County Council, Clare County Council and Offaly County Council. Our MANS are approximately 25.5 km in length ( across the three towns) and while the overall cost was just over 5m, the net cost to North Tipperary Co. Co. was approximately €0.3m. The remainder of the funding came from the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (DCENR) and Shannon Development.

In July 2009, the Limerick based company E-Net was appointed as manager and operator of the MANs and will be responsible for offering a variety of products to service providers so they in turn can deliver high speed broadband services to their retail customers. These products would include wholesale duct space, dark fibre, co-location facilities and managed services, whichever the customers wants or the market demands. E-Net will be responsible for utilising the MANs to their full potential, driving competition, increasing choice of service providers, and also increasing the quality of broadband services offered and reducing telecoms prices generally.

The MANs will play a pivotal role in the delivery of high speed broadband to regions throughout the country at a time when the advancement of a knowledge economy has never been more important. The ESRI predicts that around 70% of our exports will be services by 2025. Broadband for our towns will provide the basis for investment and jobs throughout Ireland. Examples of services that could be delivered over the MAN include: broadband, digital tv, voice traffic, Wireless broadband services for services providers

Although, the MANs are now in place, Nenagh and Roscrea do not have neutral carrier connectivity to national and international networks (backhaul). As there has been a significant delay in the rollout of the backhaul programme, the MANs in Nenagh and Roscrea remain as unused "islands "of fibre, and our strategy of facilitating the provision of competitive high speed broadband connectivity to local, national and international customers in these towns is not attainable. This matter is currently with the DCENR.

Map of Nenagh Metropolitan Area Network

For further details see also
Shannon Broadband Limited web site :
DCENR web site :

Quick links to the routes in our towns are as follows:
Nenagh Route :
Roscrea Route :
Templemore Route :

National Broadband Scheme

The following pages outline:

  • Summary of Scheme
  • Map of Coverage for North Tipperary
  • Details of Scheme

Summary of Scheme

In January of 2009, the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources announced details of the National Broadband Scheme. Under this scheme, broadband will be delivered to certain target areas in Ireland in which broadband services are not available. The contract has been offered to the company called “3” and they will be required to provide services to all premises in the national broadband scheme area who seek a service.  The schedule for rollout is that half of the areas will be covered by 2009 and remainder by end of 2010.  Hereunder is a map of the areas in North Tipperary covered by the national broadband scheme and the details of the announcement.

The link to the Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources website is Further detail, including an online checking facility, is available at

Map of Coverage

Map of Broadband Coverage in North Tipperary

A higher resolution map is available in PDF format on the Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources website

Details of Scheme

Government announces scheme to deliver broadband across Ireland

Universal coverage by September 2010

January 2008

Communications Minister Eamon Ryan today announced the National Broadband Scheme, the Government scheme to deliver broadband services throughout the country. Following the conclusion of a competitive tendering process, the Minister has entered into a contract for the delivery of this scheme with ‘3’ (a Hutchinson Whampoa company).

Ireland currently has over 1.2 million subscribers to broadband. The National Broadband Scheme will provide the remaining 10% of our population, or approximately 33% of the area of the country, with broadband services (see attached map). Ireland will have 100% coverage by September 2010; half of the area under the scheme will be covered by the end of this year.

 ‘3’ will extend its network to provide mobile wireless broadband services into the NBS area. Initially, the service will have a minimum download speed of 1.2 mbps. At least, two upgrades of speeds are planned during the lifetime of the contract. These product upgrades will be carried out at no cost to the customer.

Any fixed residential or business customer located within the NBS coverage area can apply for broadband services from 3 Ireland.

There are approximately 223,000 buildings located within the NBS coverage area, covering 1028 electoral divisions.

The product provided by 3 Ireland will cost €19.99 per month with a connection fee of €49 which includes the cost of the necessary equipment.

Wireless mobile broadband services will be provided in the NBS area with approximately 8% of areas receiving a satellite service.

An uncharged monthly data cap of 15GB (12GB download and 3GB upload) will apply for the wireless product while 11GB (10GB download and 1GB upload) will be available for satellite users.

Subscribers can expect the following speeds at launch

Wireless Mobile

Min (at cell edge)

Max (at cell centre)

Download Speed



Upload Speed






Download Speed



Upload Speed



Two upgrades of the wireless product are planned by 3 in the coming years without any increase in the monthly recurring charge:

July 2010

Min (at cell edge)

Max (at cell edge)

Download Speed expected



Upload Speed expected



October 2012

Min (at cell edge)

Max (at cell edge)

Download Speed expected



Upload Speed expected



The schedule for roll-out is 21 months and the first services will be deployed in spring 2009.

Detailed maps, including individual county maps are available on the Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources website Further detail, including an online checking facility, is available at

National Broadband Scheme

Following the conclusion of a competitive tendering process, the contract to implement and operate the National Broadband Scheme (NBS) was entered into with "3"  (a Hutchison Whampoa company trading as 3) on 23 December 2008.

The NBS will deliver broadband to certain target areas in Ireland in which broadband services are not available. Under the contract, 3 will be required to provide services to all premises in the NBS area who seek a service. In order to facilitate competition in the area, 3 will also be required to provide wholesale access to any other authorised operator who wishes to serve premises in the NBS area.

Maps of the areas to be addressed by the NBS are available to view below.

3 is a Hutchison Whampoa company and already has 120,000 broadband customers in Ireland, and 2 million mobile broadband customers in Europe. Now, under the National Broadband Scheme, all those who couldn’t get broadband before will be able to, with 3.

The National Broadband Scheme will deliver broadband services to consumers and businesses located within those parts of the country which have no form of broadband available at the moment.

For further information, please contact:

Press Office
Department of Communications, Energy &
Natural Resources

T: 678 2441 / 087 7708631

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