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Burial Grounds

Council Policy on Provision of Burial Grounds

  1. The need for burial ground facilities will be assessed on a parish basis.

  2. Where there is an absolute need within a parish, the Council will provide the burial ground.

  3. Where there is no absolute need but a community wishes to have a facility provided in a particular area, they may opt for either of the following

    (a) the Council will pay a grant of 25% of the cost of providing the burial ground to a plan and specification agreed with the County Council,
    (b) the Council will purchase the lands to be used as a burial ground on receipt of an undertaking from the community that they will assume full responsibility for the development which must be carried out in accordance with plans and specifications agreed with the County Council.

  4. In the case of burial grounds provided under Paragraphs 3(a) or 3(b), the County Council will draw up procedures for the proper verification of all expenditure incurred. This will provide for, inter alia, prior agreement on the cost of land acquisition and other significant expenditure items. A value-for-money approach will be adopted at all times particularly in relation to the cost of land.

  5. Gravespaces will be sold at economic cost.

  6. Where burial grounds are provided by communities, they will be responsible for the sale of gravespaces and the ongoing management and maintenance of the facility.


List of Burial Grounds/Contacts

Open the PDF document below to get the full list: -

The List Of Caretakers Document (English) PDF Document PDF Document (136 KB)


Purchasing a Grave Space

To purchase a plot please contact the relevant Caretaker as listed on burial ground contacts page above.


Burial Grounds Grant Scheme and Best Burial Ground Competition

Graveyards are an integral part of local heritage. They frequently provide clues to understanding our past. There is a growing awareness amongst communities of the importance of local graveyards. The Council wishes to acknowledge the role of Graveyard Committees in the preservation and maintenance of our local graveyards while at the same time respecting the local and built environment. Each burial ground receives a yearly grant to help towards maintenance. In addition The Best Burial Ground Competition is a Council initiative to reward those communities who voluntarily give their time and effort to and have excelled in this role. For further information contact: Deirdre Cox, Environmental Awareness Officer, North Tipperary County Council on 067-44784 or email


Burial Grounds Grant Scheme and Best Burial Ground Competition 2013

The Burial Ground Grants Scheme and Best Burial Ground competition 2013 was launched in March.   Closing date for receipt of application forms was Wednesday 15th May 2013

(Closed) Best Burial Ground Grant Scheme and Best Burial Ground Competition 2013 application form (English) PDF Document PDF Document (651 KB)



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