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Heritage Services

Photos of North Tipperary's heritage

Our heritage is the totality of what we have inherited from those who went before us. The heritage of future generations is what we pass on to them. Our decisions, and the actions arising out of them, are what will influence the quality of that heritage

Heritage is defined in the 1995 Heritage Act as including the following areas: flora, fauna, wildlife habitats, landscapes, geology, heritage gardens and parks, inland waterways archaeological monuments, archaeological objects, wrecks, heritage objects (including archives), and architectural heritage. The North Tipperary Heritage Forum agreed to expand this further to bring in the areas of folk lore and folk life.

North Tipperary Heritage Plan 2013-2018 - Pdf Document Pdf Document (177 KB)

North Tipperary BiodiversityPlan 2013-2018 - Pdf Document Pdf Document (177 KB)


The Heritage Council part funds the network of 28 City/County Heritage Officers in Local Authorities across the country.  The Heritage Council's vision in that the value of our heritage is enjoyed, managed and protected for the vital contribution that it makes to our identity, well-being and future. For more information on the work of the Heritage Council, please visit 

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