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Tenant Purchase Scheme

During 2010 2 sales were completed, generating an income of €101,830 for internal capital receipts.

Tenant Participation/Estate Management

Tenant participation in estate management has been promoted by North Tipperary County Council for a number of years.

Progress in this area has increased greatly during 2009.  Agencies including the HSE, the Gardai, North Tipperary Leader Programme and representatives from the schools are working closely with the Council, especially in Roscrea, where we have the largest concentration of social housing.  Many projects have been run throughout 2009 from the Community House situated in the Chapel Lane area of the town.  Representatives from various estates are currently undertaking training in a Leadership Programme.

There is an inter agency group working with the Council in the Littleton area and running projects from a Community House situated in Derrynaflan housing estate.  This group, which is in its infancy, includes Tipperary Regional Youth Service, Barnardos, the HSE, the Gardai and representatives from the education sector.  A new residents group, formed in Derrynaflan, are receiving training in estate management.

Many other residents groups are actively participating in maintenance and improvement works within their respective estates and are availing of grants paid from the Council's Estate Management Budget.

The Council works continuously to combat and prevent anti-social behaviour within our estates.  Reported incidents have increased during 2009 and the Council is working closely with the Gardai and other agencies in dealing with these matters.  Many communities are now willing to co-operate with the agencies in dealing with this type of behaviour and have shown an increased interest in taking ownership of their estates.

Pre-tenancy training was offered to all new tenants in 2009 and this training will continue in 2010. North Tipperary County Council is looking forward to continuing progress in estate management throughout the coming year.

Shared Ownership Scheme

10 applications for Provisional Approval under the Shared Ownership Scheme were received during 2010 with 2 transactions completed during the year. This scheme applies to first time buyers who cannot afford full home ownership in one step in the traditional way.

Private Rented Sector

In accordance with the provisions of the Private Residential Tenancies Act 2004, landlords are required to register details of tenancies with the Private Residential Tenancies Board. Local Authorities have responsibility for the enforcement of the Regulations under the Housing Acts relating to rent books and standards of private rented accommodation. Property inspections continued in 2010 for compliance with standards, in potential RAS accommodation and other private rented accommodation.


The Council made a total of 6 lettings during 2010, 42 of which were to new tenants and 19 transfers were granted. Of these, 17 were lettings to new houses which had been completed or purchased during the year and 44 were to casual vacancies occurring in our rented stock. 

The Council had a total of 956 houses rented at 31st December 2010. The total amount of rental income collected during 2010 was €2,142,704.31 - this represented a 97% collection rate.

Action Plan for Homelessness

The Housing Miscellaneous (Provisions Act) 2009 provides a new statutory framework of structures to address Homelessness.  A Regional Approach is now being taken to the preparation of Homeless Action Plans, in line with the Statutory Regional Authority Areas.  A Regional Homeless Plan for the Mid-West Region, Limerick City Council, Limerick County Council, Clare County Council and North Tipperary County Council was adopted by each of the above Authorities in June, 2010.


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